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Mental Health Interventions in Illinois

mental health intervention in illinois
The state of Illinois is no different from any other state in the Union. Mental Illness is a reality and many people in Illinois are living with the diagnosis of a mental illness. What is unfortunate is the number of people who are living with not real treatment. With a wide variety of options for Mental Health Intervention in Illinois no one should have to live with an untreated mental illness. So, for those living with a mental illness what options are available?

One-On-One Therapy

One of the most readily accessible modes of therapy is traditional one-on-one therapy. With a wide range of options within this particular type of therapies there is a “talk therapy” for almost every diagnosis. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been proven highly effective for a variety of Mood Disorders, including Bipolar disorder. Behavioral Therapy is a wonderful option for diagnoses where the client and therapist are addressing specific behaviors, for example personality disorders with anti-social symptoms. Cognitive Therapy is effective in treating several disorders where it is imperative to address the root cause of the diagnosis. Many anxiety disorders respond well to cognitive therapy.

Medication Treatments

Another type of treatment option that has shown great success is pharmacological treatments. Many of the mental health diagnoses respond quite well to the right psychotropic medication. For diagnoses like mood disorders, anxiety disorders and psychotic disorders medications may be a necessary part of treatment.

Exposure Based Therapies

Inpatient Programs

When an individual is suffering from a chronic or severe mental illness admission to an inpatient treatment program might be best. These programs provide round the clock medical, emotional and social support. For individuals with a Dual Diagnosis (both a mental health and substance abuse diagnosis) an inpatient treatment program is often the best option. During their stay an individual will receive treatment for their substance abuse issues as well as begin to address their underlying mental health issues.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

For individuals who either have completed an inpatient program or it is not warranted an Intensive Outpatient treatment program is an excellent option. With a more intensive approach than traditional outpatient therapy this allows people to continue working or going to school while receiving services. For several hours each morning or evening individuals will attend a program that provides an array of services. With everything from individual therapy to group therapy to supportive services, these programs offer a host of services under one roof. This makes receiving services that much easier for the clients.

Group Therapy

One final type of therapy that is been shown to be widely effective is group therapy. Many people feel most comfortable when surrounded by others living through similar experiences. In the case of substance abuse, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or other mental illnesses a group setting is highly effective. These groups are led by a mental health professional. The focus is to discuss and support a similar diagnosis or circumstance.

It is obvious that regardless of the diagnosis there is help available for everyone. Don’t live without help. There are people ready to help with your Mental Health Intervention in Illinois.

Mental Health Intervention