Marijuana Intervention

Marijuana Intervention in Illinois

marijuana intervention in Illinois
Marijuana, also called hash, herb, cannabis, bud, weed, grass, and many more on the streets, is one of the most popular illicit drugs in the U.S. In the state of Illinois, the drug is reported to be the most abused and readily accessible substance. What is more alarming is that abuse by adolescents and teenagers have steadily increased since 1990, with use among 8th grade students tripling over the 20-year period, according to If the rate continues, we may see a substantial decline in the quality of life of future generations. Good paying jobs won’t be filled by highly skilled workers and minors may not even get the education they need to do well in life.

If you or someone you know is using marijuana, it is important to seek immediate professional treatment before matters get worst. While marijuana abusers may be asymptomatic to the drug, the effects do take its toll on the body and may show up in the person’s later years. This includes skin disease, respiratory problems, cancer, etc. Since marijuana users are not so eager to admit their addiction, however, it can be challenging to get them to enlist and commit to a rehabilitation program. An intervention can help lessen the stress associated with this transition and make it easier for the person to cope from withdrawal.

Marijuana intervention in Illinois has helped lessen drug users on the streets, especially in rural areas where domestic cultivation of marijuana is conducive. Intervening is a method relatively nascent yet has produced high rates of success over the past few years not only in Illinois but also in other parts of the globe. The technique can also be easily applied to other addiction problems including alcohol and gambling.

How does it work? Interventions are carried out by specialists with experience and a background in psychology or psychiatry. They carefully devise a plan to tackle the problems of a specific person and guide him/her towards recovery. Oftentimes, the mental stress bore by the person can be so overwhelming that he/she is unable to rationalize the effects of the habit and why he/she should cease it. The intervention specialist aims to change this by involving the people close to the troubled person. The specialist is also present to make sure that the meeting is fruitful and will not result to violence or debates that are unproductive and aggravating to the situation.

Marijuana Intervention